Thursday, December 1, 2011

What if there was no more school?

Before writing this I had to ask myself, “what does college really mean to me?” After some thought on my experience in college thus far, going to college means to go to a place where you get your degree so you can be so much more successful in life. When I first began my college career, college, to me, was just getting out of bed getting dressed, and going to college. I had to realize the importance of a college education and how seriously you have to take your education.

I never realized how quickly college was approaching and “starting my life” seemed far away. I would contemplate what I really wanted to do with my life and about going away to school, carrying around heavy text books, making something of myself, but didn’t realize how much planning and funding I needed.
Well here I am, anticipating my graduation with my Bachelors degree in the near future, and instead of worrying about what I am going to do once I graduate, I have my foot in the door at a news station and I am actually working in my field of study! That is almost unheard of these days. .

The idea of not going to school next semester has actually gone through my mind several times. Although I know the importance of obtaining a college degree, it is hard to stay motivated so close to the end. If I didn’t attend college this next semester I would be working full time. I also work part time at Arden Mall and work nights at News 10; there would be plenty for me to fill my time with, if I choose not to go back to school. Consequently, I am aware that not finishing my degree would be a waste of all the money, time and hard work I have put in these past 2 years.

It is encouraging to think back to the times when everything used to be so easy. Elementary school, middle school and high school was a breeze, I never had to study, or struggle to do homework. I didn’t have to worry about what I would get on a test, it was as if getting an ‘A’ was always guaranteed.  Until I started turning in assignments for college level courses, and that’s when I realized everything was changing. I was so used to succeeding academically that I had no idea what to do.

During my first term, I used the strategy I had been using my whole life to get good grades: take notes in class and study those notes for five minutes, maybe ten each day. I learned the hard way that that method wasn’t going to cut it at that school. I felt out of my comfort zone and confused. I didn’t understand how I had gotten to this point where an ‘A’ was impossible and receiving a ‘C’ was a miracle.

Maintaining this routine is a main reason why I know that skipping my last semester of college would be a huge mistake. As hard as it is to stay motivated, I know that if I do not go back next semester I never will. School is enjoyable for some and torture for others. I am one of those people who do not enjoy school, but succeed at it although it may not be happily.