Friday, September 16, 2011

Arab Americans in the Media

Arabs Americans, and Muslim Arab Americans by association and by direct action have
been increasingly racialized and targeted and discriminated against. These prejudices
have been fueled by the "war on terrorism" media influence. Mainstream media
continues the repetition of the urgent threat of Islam and of the Arabs and Muslims who
represent it. There are many ways for the media to deliver such a message to the
public through respected print, radio and various other news mediums. These
organizations increasingly reflect and reproduce the same global images and incidences
of Arab and Muslim Americans and Islam globally.
Although these media outlets cannot decide for the public and their readers and
Consumers consider race, they are representational of something larger that can
change mainstream beliefs, or main belief about Arab Americans.  It becomes an easy
outlet to discriminate when an American tragedy such as Pearl Harbor, 9-11 and many
others, are tied to a specific nationality or race of people. Arab Americans and Muslim
Americans are represented as highly religious, and strictly more religious than most
Americans. Arab Americans and Muslim Americans are represented as religious devout
Muslims. This assumption leads most Americans to believe that the attacks of 9-11 to
be religiously motivated. Although this may be true for the few men who committed the
act of terrorism, it does not represent the majority of Muslims or Arabs in America.
Arab Americans and Muslim Americans are represented as linked to international
Muslims and Muslim movements, which are themselves are categorized as people of
color, dark and dangerous; this also associates all people of Arab descent as Muslims
which is untrue. Many Arab Americans, like myself, are Christian. Although Arab culture
is widespread the religion has nothing to do with the actions that were committed. The
idea that Muslims and Arabs are against the United States became an ongoing theme in
most media coverage, this made Arab Americans and Muslim Americans target citizens
for discrimination and an ongoing struggle for acceptance and equality and their civil

By Renee Sweis

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  1. The column has some interesting points. The typography drove me crazy, I'm afraid.

    I think the column will get stronger as it goes along and goes into specifics about some of the issues raised. The writer touches the key points. Now they need to be elaborated on.

    Good first 'specialty' effort.