Friday, September 2, 2011

From Summertime to Crunch Time

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bumper to bumper traffic, angry students jogging from class to class, endless lines at Starbucks and Java City... Yes, it must be the first day of the semester.
Waking up at the crack of dawn to go to work is bad enough on its own, but now the added joy of 5 back to back classes in one day, is not as tolerable.  To add to the list of joys, a 30-hour-a week Summer internship at ABC News Ten, takes up any other "free" time I may have.

Despite the endless work and stress, it was very motivating to get back into a strict and steady routine. Although the next four months of my life are planned down to the minute, it will all be worth it in the end come graduation time; or getting hired through the internship I have invested so much of my time.

It was either out of sheer luck, or the grace of God that I did not struggle with tickets or finding parking these first few days. Although the parking problem continues to plague the campus, from students to the faculty members.

My first class went smoothly,and of course was let out early as expected on the first day. Of course, the only thing on my mind was finding a cup of coffee during the 11 minutes I had before my next class started.
"Why would you enroll in 5 classes in two days, back to back?"... You might ask, well thanks to the decisions of our state congress men, and members of our school board, there are not a variety of classes to choose from, so you take what you can get.
Another "joy" of first day, is that you have to re-train your mind into focusing on what your professor is saying, and remembering to write EVERYTHING down to avoid missing an assignment. After being detatched from the classroom scene for several weeks, sitting for a long period of time is easily described as torture. 

Although my earliest class begins at 10 a.m. it can become easy to procrastinate and under-estimate timing with completing assignments. Leaving at the exact right time, and leaving time for parking becomes second nature. A 10 a.m. class is not that early, but overestimating the "extra" morning time can be very dangerous in meeting deadlines.
It seems as though I can never time things correctly, either im extremely early or three minutes late. Even though professors will wait and give you the benefit of the doubt, you still have to fight thru 345 people to get to a seat in a class that you are enrolled in; only to find out that later on 300 of those students are hoping to add or on a waitlist.
After spending 35 minutes taking roll and then another 45 minutes explaining the same syllabus that was explained in the previous class, its on to the next journey of finding Del Norte hall, which I just discovered this semester, actually exists.

Although having back to back classes is extremley stressful, it is convienient not to have to find a way to fill up a one or two hour gap in between classes, which I had to do last semester. I no longer have to akwardly sleep in my car, or in the library until my next class started.
With all of that said, I feel that over these passed few semesters, there have been many lessons learned, and many more to come. I can't wait until graduation time when I look back on these days, or re read this blog and be ecstatic that its all over, and I can now embark on a new journey and start my future.

So I am filling my head with good thoughts, and wishing my peers good luck. I am hoping to stay focused, and ending this last semester with pride and excellent grades.
Here comes a new semester!!

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